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HHBC Tournament Rules










  • All boats must meet USCG and IL Safety Regulations. Anglers must wear their PFD (Life Jacket) while gas engine is running.
  • No Alcohol allowed during tournament hours.
  • Boats must display supplied flagging tape during tournament hours.
  • All livewells will be inspected prior to take off.
  • Only Casting & Spinning tackle with artificial bait may be used.(No Live Bait !)
  • An aerated livewell or cooler is required in all boats.
  • No fish will be placed on a stringer or in a basket. Those doing so will be Disqualified!
  • During take off, All boats will idle until their number is called.
  • Teams will fish together and must remain in the boat and in sight of each other during tournament hours and weigh in.
  • Scoring will be by total weight of number of legal bass allowed. Length & limit will be announced at registration or pre-launch meeting.
  • Any team weighing a short fish will lose the weight of the short fish and the teams heaviest fish from their total weight. Compare your rule with the official ruler if needed.
  • Ties for total weight broken by teams heaviest fish, Ties for big bass broken by teams total weight.
  • 0.25 lb will be deducted per dead fish.
  • All fish must be returned to the water alive. No Culling of Dead Fish anyone caught will be disqualified!
  • Late Penalty: 1 lb deducted for each minute late. Teams or Anglers are disqualified at 15 mins past check in time. Official time monitored by tournament official.
  • All contestants must be at least 18 yrs of age, unless participating with a parent or legal guardian.
  • All contestants must carry a up to date IL fishing license.
  • "Off Limits" will be announced at registration or pre-launch meeting. Those caught fishing in "Off Limits" area's, will be Disqualified!
  • All protests must be filed in writing to the tournament director within 30 mins of the end of the tournament, Tournament Directors decision will be final.
  • Entry to be paid in full at registration or pre-registration.