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Club Tournament #4 Mill Creek Lake















Happy Hookers Bass Club, Club Tournament #4

The season has reached the half way point and it is anyone’s game to become AOY. The Happy Hookers Bass Club will be hosting the clubs 4th tournament on Mill Creek Lake in Marshall, Illinois. The race for “Angler of the Year” is close with new club member, Nick Koehne, leading the pack, Dave Schultz, in 2nd,  is looking to pass him, by the end of this event. But with Kris Gaertner, Mike Koenig and George Schaffer on their heels, it will not be easy. Not to mention there is a group of anglers, on the list, that can climb that ladder real fast. This should be a very competitive event with all the members that will be there. But always remember, Hookers make every event fun!